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Final Fantasy Vii Characters: (Not Complete)

(Originally from Wikipedia)

Cloud Strife:

Cloud Strife  is the original Final Fantasy VII game’s protagonist and a self-proclaimed ex-SOLDIER-turned-mercenary employed by AVALANCHE. Initially, Cloud is confused and conflicted with an often arrogant attitude and a cool disposition, until a traumatic experience in the Lifestream helps him discover lost memories of his true self. He wears a black SOLDIER uniform and is distinguished by his glowing blue eyes, a sign of having been exposed to a large amount of mako. He has spiky blonde hair and wields a Buster Sword in combat, given to him by his late friend Zack Fair. Cloud also stars in Final Fantasy: Dissidia as one of the 11 protagonists, in Dissidia 012, and appears in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II.


Sephiroth is the game’s main antagonist. He is known to be the most powerful member of SOLDIER ever, rising to a prominent rank at an early age. After a traumatic incident in which he learned of what he assumed to be his true origins, he left SOLDIER and indeed civilization altogether with plans to become a god-like power by wounding the Planet with Meteor and absorbing the entirety of the Lifestream sent to heal the damage. He manipulates and tortures Cloud over the course of the game, including killing Aerith at the Forgotten City. Cloud destroys Sephiroth at the end of the game; however, he returns for a short time in the sequel Final Fantasy VII Advent Children where he is reborn through the body of Kadaj and subsequently defeated once again by Cloud. Sephiroth is also a member of the party for a very short period during a flashback sequence, but is controlled by the computer during combat and the player cannot change his equipment and materia. In Final Fantasy: Dissidia, Sephiroth is one of the 11 main antagonists. 

Vincent Valentine:

Vincent Valentine  is an optional character from the original Final Fantasy VII, and is not required to complete the game. However, he later became the protagonist in two sequels, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 2 and the mobile phone game Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: Final Fantasy VII. Vincent is a dark, brooding, and sardonic man whose heart had been numbed by a tragic love. He loved Lucrecia Crescent, who saved him after he had been shot by implanting in his body the lethal weapon, Chaos, and the protomateria with which to control Chaos. Vincent is a former Turk gunman who was experimented on by Hojo approximately thirty years before the start of the game, and consequently failed to age and developed superhuman abilities and characteristics. After the numerous experiments and help of the protomateria, Vincent is able to transform into other demons while having nearly complete control. Cloud and the others eventually discover him sleeping inside a coffin in the basement of the Shinra Mansion, where he joins them in their quest to hunt down Sephiroth, the game’s main antagonist. Vincent reveals very little about himself to the party after his original introduction.


The Turks are a group that perform covert operations on behalf of Shinra, including espionagekidnappings and assassinations. They also scout for potential candidates for Shinra’s elite military unit, SOLDIER, and serve as bodyguards for the Shinra executives. The group’s full name is the Department of Administrative Research. Within the original game, the Turks Reno, Rude, Elena, and their leader Tseng serve as recurring antagonists throughout, although they are not above forming temporary alliances with AVALANCHE, the game’s group of central characters.

Final Fantasy VII’s prequel, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, focuses exclusively on the Turks in the years leading up to the events of Final Fantasy VII. The player chooses from eleven unnamed Turks, each with his or her own backstory, personality, strengths and weaknesses. Each Turk is identified based on their weapon and gender, with the exception of the legendary Turk, called “Legend (Male)”. After barely surviving the pre-Final Fantasy VII events of Before Crisis, they make an appearance with Veld in Midgar during the coming of the Meteor disaster and assist the other Turks in evacuating civilians. Tseng, Reno, Rude, and Elena also appear in Advent Children, set two years after the original. Here, they serve as allies to Cloud, as well as bodyguards to Rufus Shinra and aid in his self-appointed mission to restore the world’s vitality. In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Tseng, Reno, Rude, and the Shuriken Turk (Cissnei) from Before Crisis, who goes under the pseudonymCissnei, act as recurring characters. In Last Order, Tseng, Reno, Rude, and several Turks from Before Crisis appear, attempting to apprehend Zack.

Zack Fair:

Zack Fair is a non-player character from the game Final Fantasy VII, and the protagonist of its prequel, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. He also appears with Aerith inFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children, as a SOLDIER in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, and plays a significant role in Last Order: Final Fantasy VII. In the original game, he appears only in flashback sequences, which portray him as almost identical to Cloud Strife, the game’s main playable character, in physical appearance except for his black hair. When strung together, the sequences explain a great deal about Cloud’s past and his connection to Sephiroth, the game’s arch-villain. He was also Aerith’s first love. Zack was given the Buster Sword by his mentor, Angeal Hewley, and later gave it to Cloud moments before his death. Zack was born in the town of Gongaga, where he lived until leaving to join Shinra’s militant force, SOLDIER. Eventually he worked his way up to SOLDIER 1st class. He was captured along with Cloud Strife for experimentation after a battle with Sephiroth in Nibelheim, and later escaped with Cloud and attempted to return to Aerith. A year after their escape the two of them were attacked. Zack killed all of the attackers but succumbed to his wounds. His last words, spoken to Cloud Strife, were, “You’ll be my living legacy. My honor, my dreams, they’re yours now.”

Aerith Gainsborough:

Aerith Gainsborough originally romanized as Aeris Gainsborough) was a flower peddler on the streets of Midgar, sought after by Shinra’s research department because she is the last of the Cetra. She asks Cloud to be her bodyguard after a run-in with the Turks, and subsequently joins AVALANCHE. While with AVALANCHE, Aerith realizes that she is the one who must stop Sephiroth’s plot and save the planet. Sephiroth realizes that Aerith is a danger to him and kills her in the Forgotten City as she prays. However, Aerith’s spirit maintains her cognitive powers and she remains separate from the Lifestream.

Tifa Lockhart:

Tifa Lockhart originally romanized as Tifa Lockheart) is a childhood friend of Cloud and a skilled martial artist, having been previously instructed by Zangan. She is one of the lead members of AVALANCHE and convinces Cloud to join them in their rebellion against Shinra. Tifa wants Cloud to join AVALANCHE so she could keep him close. Tifa helps to unlock Cloud’s missing memories when they fall into the lifestream. She is the only one who knows of Cloud’s past.

Barret Wallace:

Barret Wallace is the former leader of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE, opposed to the use of Shinra’s mako technology, which they believe to be killing the planet. He is also the adoptive father of Marlene, the child of his past friend, Dyne. Initially, he distrusts and dislikes Cloud, believing him to be nothing more than a heartless mercenary-for-hire, but eventually changes his opinion of him for the better. After AVALANCHE disbands, Barret chooses to continue his mission to save the planet, though he feels that his weapon had made him a monster.


Red XIII , birth-name Nanaki ナナキ, is a powerful, intelligent member of an unnamed feline-esque species with the ability to speak. He temporarily joins Cloud’s team after they rescue him from Hojo at the Shinra building, who was attempting to breed him and Aerith together in order to preserve what he believes to be two endangered species of animal. Red XIII believed that his father, Seto, had been a coward who abandoned Cosmo Canyon during a war with the Gi Tribe. Upon returning to Cosmo Canyon, his adoptive grandfather Bugenhagen brings Red XIII to the petrified body of Seto and reveals that he had risked his life to save the village and single handedly fought the entire invading army. Learning the truth, Red XIII becomes inspired and gains the courage to permanently join Cloud’s group. Red XIII makes an appearance in Before Crisis, in which he defends a female of his species named Deneh and is subsequently captured by the Turks. He also makes brief appearances in Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus; in the former, he aids in the fight against Bahamut and in the latter he is briefly glimpsed resting with Shelke. In the novella “Case of Nanaki”, Red XIII struggles with the knowledge that he will outlive his friends. Red XIII is voiced by Masachika Ichimura in Japanese and Liam O’Brien in English.

Cait Sith:

Cait Sith (ケット・シー Ketto Shī?, pronounced Kett Shee) is a robotic talking cat who is friendly, but often unreliableand speaks with a Scottish accent. In Final Fantasy VII, he rides on the back of an unnamed robotic moogle; in subsequent adaptations, he either walks by himself or rides Red XIII. As a robot, he is able to be rebuilt and replaced, and is controlled by Reeve Tuesti, whose original intent during Final Fantasy VII was to infiltrate Cloud’s group and sabotage their resistance efforts on behalf of his employers. He is revealed to be a spy but convinces the party that he has had a change of heart and later volunteers to extract the black materia at the Temple of the Ancients, noting that he was a robot and thus could easily be sacrificed. However, Cait Sith also states that, despite there being several toys with the same appearance, he was a unique being that would be willing to sacrifice himself to protect the Planet—revealed by his apparent transfiction to the temple immediately crushing him. Shortly after, a second identical Cait Sith arrives, taking the place of the one destroyed. Cait Sith’s origins were detailed in Before Crisis and he makes a short appearance in Advent Children when he joins the reunited party to fight. Cait Sith appears sporadically throughout Dirge of Cerberus and is playable for a mission in which he infiltrates Deepground. Though not part of the storyline, Cait Sith appears as a summon for Zack called “Courage Boost!” in Crisis Core. Along with his appearances in the Compilation, Cait Sith has also appeared in Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy XFinal Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales and Wings of the Goddess, an expansion of Final Fantasy XI. Cait Sith is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa in Japanese and Greg Ellis in English.

IGN felt that Cait added the “prerequisite cute factor” to Final Fantasy VII, in turn naming him the game’s tenth best character.

Cid Highwind:

Cid Highwind is an airship pilot and most uncouth of the main characters, constantly swearing, losing his temper and smoking cigarettes. In Final Fantasy VII, Cid is encountered in Rocket Town, where it is revealed that he had been part of Shinra’s space program and was set to be the first man in space. During the launch, a woman named Shera defied orders and stayed to double-check the rocket’s oxygen tanks, leading Cid to abort the mission to save her life. Shinra concluded that space exploration was not financially viable and withdrew funding from the project altogether once they discovered that Mako energy was a far more profitable venture. Cid blamed Shera for destroying his dream to go to space, and she devoted herself to doing whatever she could to atone for her “mistake”, even while Cid continued to verbally abuse her. However, her concern was eventually proven to have merit when an explosion of an oxygen tank temporarily traps Cid during a later successful attempt to launch the rocket; knowing this, Cid is able to forgive her. Cid also appears in Before Crisis, wherein the incident with the original rocket is adapted, and in Advent Children, where he briefly rejoins the party to fight against Bahamut SIN. In Dirge of Cerberus, Cid aids the World Regensesis Organization in launching an attack at Deepground, and later in fighting the Omega Weapon. Outside of his Final Fantasy VII series role, he has appeared in Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, andKingdom Hearts: codedKazuhiro Yamaji voices Cid in Japanese and Chris Edgerly voices him in English.

Cid was listed by IGN as one of the top 10 characters most needing a spin-off.

Yuffie Kisaragi:

Yuffie Kisaragi is an optional playable character and daughter of the leader of Wutai, who feels her country has lost its former glory and has become a resort town.Yuffie is prone to motion sickness and obsessively steals and collects Materia, originally having joined the party with the intention to steal theirs. After Yuffie joins the party in Final Fantasy VII and they enter Wutai, Yuffie steals their materia and hides, only to be kidnapped by the crime lord Don Corneo. After being rescued, she returns the stolen materia and continues working with the party. Yuffie appears within Before Crisis when the player Turk visits Wutai and they are forced to work together in order to survive. In Advent Children, she reunites with the group to fight against Bahamut SIN, and the film’s prequel novella “Case of Yuffie” details how Geostigma spread to Wutai and the measures Yuffie took to find a cure. Yuffie reappears in Dirge of Cerberus to help Vincent and aid the WRO in their fight against Deepground, and makes brief cameos in Crisis Core; after Zack encounters her, she enlists his help to find treasures in several side missions. Outside of her Final Fantasy VII series role, Yuffie has appeared in Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesEhrgeiz, and Itadaki Street Portable. She is voiced by Yumi Kakazu in Japanese. For the English releases of Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children, Christy Carlson Romano voices Yuffie,[while Mae Whitman voices all other appearances.